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    Thursday, January 31, 2008

    The Baltic Times reviews The New Cold War(s)

    Just a quick note to highlight a new review of The New Cold War (now available in paperback!) that was just published in The Baltic Times.

    As I've said before, it's nice to get a flattering write-up a newspaper in Canada or the United States, but I think it means more when it comes from a newspaper like The Baltic Times or The Georgia Messenger (or Itar-Tass) because it was written by those living on the front lines of this new conflict.

    "When reading through this well-researched work, it’s hard not to think of two sides engaged in a chess match, or better still, a game of Risk," is my favourite line in this review.

    The Baltic Times also has some nice things to say about Edward Lucas and his own similarly titled book.

    We're both now bracing (well I am, anyway) for the judgement that Kim Zigfield of La Russophobe fame has promised to deliver .


    Anonymous said...

    I sit right next to the Globe books editors; I'll make sure they're aware of your preference for the Baltic Times!

    Dorothy D. said...

    I bought and read the hardbound copy of your book before I visited Russia. Found it balanced and insightful. Thank you! It is useful as I write articles about my trip and about Russia for a NY newspaper (in print & online) Education Update. Am now reading a book by same title by Edward Lucas, which I find has a definite point of view and is not as balanced. I do prefer your approach, but am learning things from his book too. Will you be writing more articles about Russia? Can you return there?
    All best,
    Dorothy D.