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    Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    The Montreal Gazette on The New Cold War

    Just a quick post to highlight a nice review of my book in this weekend's Montreal Gazette. It's flattering stuff, made all the nicer by the fact it was written by Levon Sevunts, a top foreign reporter in his own right who knows the former Soviet Union first-hand.

    If you've never read a book about the politics in the former Soviet Union, make an exception for this one. And if you're interested in post-Soviet politics, then Mark MacKinnon's The New Cold War is a must.

    It's a real-life political drama, a non-fiction page-turner that will keep you up at night and provoke some very big questions about Western policy vis-a-vis Russia and its former satellites.

    Read the rest of the review here.

    Three months until the U.S. release. I'll be in New York and Washington pimping it in late September, if any readers are from that little corner of the world...


    La Russophobe said...

    Hey Mark, are you aware that your book is about to have some competition from Edward Lucas in the form ("The New Cold War and How to Win It")? Any thoughts?

    markmac said...

    Thanks for the heads-up. I'll have to track down a copy and review it when it comes out. Speaking of which, any bloggers out there who want a review copy of The New Cold War ahead of the Sept. 22 launch?

    Dumitru said...

    I'd review it! And I am a blogger! But it would be an obviously biased review, since I was born during the 'old cold war' and I was on the wrong side of the curtain :).

    On the other hand, I am a poor hungry student in Montreal so I should be the perfect candidate.