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    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    The world according to Lukashenko

    Here are the latest thoughts from the President of Belarus, as published by the Sovietskaya Byelorussia newspaper.

    Just in case it affects how you read what follows, you should be aware that Sovietskaya Byelorussia was founded by President Lukashenko's office. Notice the sweet comparison between pro-democracy movements like Zubr and the Nazis.

    On to our edification, courtesy of Mr. Lukashenko:

    "In today's Belarus the conditions for good and clean life are created and improved.... Little by little, without political rattle and social demagogy, the authorities build a strong and cosy house."


    "They want to take away all this - quiet life today and clear prospects for tomorrow. Not with the help of the war, as it was in 1941, but through the ballot box, with the help of 'political technologies,' promoted by those who received a cheque and an order for changing our life from abroad. While they do their best to convince us that their thoughts are pure, that they are only driven by their adherence to democracy, that they are capable of changing life to better, who can believe in it? Either an ignorant man, or an adventurer like them, or an innocent teenager."

    Ah! Just reading this makes a young man dream of owning a "strong and cosy house" in Minsk! With the gracious help of the "authorities," of course!

    (Translation courtesy of the good people at Belarus Productions.)


    Anonymous said...

    Well, better to have a nice and cosy home in Minsk than being homeless in New Orleans. And where exactly is the difference between Lukashenko's militija and the "Blackwater USA" guys ? The colour of the "camo" worn by the guys "securing" the streets doesn't really matter, does it ?

    Live and let live. Why does the entire world necessarily have to be US-style ? I'd rather live in Minsk than in Minneapolis or Montreal. When will you Anglo-Saxons stop forcing others to live your way of life ?

    markmac said...

    Heribert, as someone who has spent substantial time in both Minsk and Montreal, that's nuts.

    I wish you well. But as a word of advice, make sure you speak of politics only in the kitchen.

    New Orleans, now there you have a case...

    La Russophobe said...


    In defense of Nawlins let me ask: If you had to spend the rest of your life living in the worst parts of New Orleans, betting on the US government and America generally to improve them, or in the best parts of Minsk, betting on Lukashenko not to destroy them, never leaving your chosen place for a second, which would you choose? For me, the Big Easy would be a no-brainer, and I think 99% of the world would agree.

    markmac said...

    Russophobe: to my discredit, I ain't never been to the Big Easy.

    Anonymous said...

    I wish you well. But as a word of advice, make sure you speak of politics only in the kitchen.

    Thank you for your good wishes and your kind words. And thank you for proving that my assessment of "western" intolerance / arrogance is right. Oposite views may only be voiced in the kitchen ? With the radio turned on loud and windows and doors closed ? Anybody violating this "advice" will end up in Guantanamo ? Where exactly is the difference between the "Stalin era" and your "suggested policy" ?

    La Russophobe said...

    That's OK, I've never been to Minsk ;) -- use your imagination.

    markmac said...

    Herbert - I think you misunderstand me. I was saying that in Minsk, the Soviet-era fears still exist. People I interviewed there were generally only comfortable talking politics in the kitchen. All the other rooms had walls they shared with other apartments, meaning people could listen in.

    It really is that bad.