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    Sunday, November 9, 2008

    West Bank traveller's index

    By bus from Nablus to Jerusalem -Friday, Nov. 7

    Number of our Egged bus: 148

    Number of Israeli Jews on the bus: 37

    Number of Arabs: 0

    Number of Jewish settlements the 148 passes through: 10 (including Jewish neighbourhoods of East Jerusalem)

    Number of Palestinian towns the 148 stops in: 0

    Number of military checkpoints we pass through: 4

    Time our bus spent waiting at said checkpoints: none (Egged buses aren't searched by Israeli soldiers)

    Number of panes of bulletproof glass the bus windows are made of: 2

    Height of the concrete wall we passed through separating the Israeli settlement of Pisgaat Zeev from the outskirts of the Palestinian capital of Ramallah: eight metres

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