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    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    Travellers' Index

    By bus from Gaziantep to Antakya, Turkey - Tuesday, Oct. 28

    Number of seats on the ancient white minibus I'm travelling in today across southwestern Turkey: 16

    Number of passengers on said bus: 20

    Number of people seated on plastic stools in the aisle: 3

    Number standing: one tall man bent in half but still hitting his head on the roof from time to time

    Number of over-sized bags of cotton in the aisle: 1

    Number of smelly canisters that earlier today contained either milk or yogurt: 3

    Distance between starting point, Gaziantep, and destination, Antakya: 200 kilometres

    Time journey is expected to take: four hours

    Cost of trip: 12 Turkish lira (about $7)

    Number of women on the bus: 9

    Number of headscarves: 7

    Number of people typing on their Blackberry right now: 1 (Hi Mom!)

    Number of people staring at said Blackberry user as though he were from Pluto: 19


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